An Introduction to Classical Fascia Acupuncture

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Acupuncturists, regardless of their school, style or understanding of what they do, are engaged in the treatment of the fascia. Understanding the form and function of the fascia and its role in human health and pathology can provide insights into the practice of acupuncture. Classical Fascia Acupuncture (a term coined by the authors to emphasise the fundamental role of fascial palpation in the practice of acupuncture) utilises the fascial system to understand, in modern scientific terms, the mechanism of acupuncture. By doing this, philosophical principles that are applied to human health in Chinese medicine emerge as meaningful and applicable to all styles of acupuncture practice. This article provides a basic introduction to the practice of acupuncture from this perspective, including a scientific discussion that maintains harmony with classical approaches. Within this context, a rational explanation for the apparently confounding results of recent scientific acupuncture research is offered.
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Author Steven Finando & Donna Finando
JCM Issue JCM106-12
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