Shugan Jieyu Yin in the treatment of senile depression

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Shugan Jieyu Yin in the treatment of senile depression by Li Youtian et al.

According to TCM theory most cases of depression result from injury of the seven emotions and/or the stagnation of qi. In this study Shugan Jieyu Yin was used to regulate the flow of qi and relieve Liver depression, regulate the Stomach, eliminate heat and irritability and calm the mind. 164 outpatients diagnosed with mental depression were randomly divided into two groups of comparable age (64-80 years), sex, and duration of illness (6 weeks-10 years). Mental depression was characterised by i. anxiety, hypersensitivity, sadness and tearfulness, ii. pain in the hypochondrium, breasts, lower abdomen and genitals and iii. chest distress and sighing. The control group were given a 30 day course of fluoxetine hydrochloride and the treatment group received a 30 day course of Shugan Jieyu Yin consisting of: Chai Hu (Bupleuri Radix) 15g, Yu Jin (Curcumae Radix) 15g, Mu Xiang (Aucklandiae Radix) 10g, Dang Gui (Angelicae Sinensis radix) 15g, Chen Pi (Citri reticulatae Pericarpium) 15g, Ban Xia (Pinelliae Rhizoma)10g, Bai Shao (Paeoniae Alba) 15g, Jiao San Xian (charred Massa Fermentata Medicinalis, Hordei Germinatus Fructus and Crataegi Fructus) 45g, Suan Zao Ren (Ziziphi Spinosae Semen) 20g, Gua Lou (Trichonsanthis Fructus) 20g and Mu Dan Pi (Moutan Cortex) 20g. Results were assessed as cured, markedly relieved, improved and failed. The total effectiveness rate in the treatment group was 91.98%, compared to 63.25% in the control. There was also a significant rise in serum noradrenaline levels in the treatment group, which was attributed to the regulatory effect of the herbs.
JTCM March 2006

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Author Li Youtian et al
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