Dr. Shi Yanqing's Experience in Acupuncture Treatment of Paralysis Agitans

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Dr. Shi Yanqing's Experience in Acupuncture Treatment of Paralysis Agitans

by Shi Xiaowen

This article discusses the achievements of Dr. Shi Yanqing in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. Dr. Shi argues that this disease is due to deficiency of vital qi and disturbance of yin and yang. The disease is located in the brain and manifests in the limbs, and so head points are used to regulate the brain, and points on the arms and legs to improve motility. Dr. Shi recommends using warm needling to tonify and promote blood circulation; when blood is circulating smoothly, pathogenic wind can be eliminated; additionally the free flow of blood helps to improve the symptoms of tremor and rigidity. Dr. Shi suggests the following points: Fengchi GB–20, Fengfu DU-16, Dazhui DU-14, Shenzhu DU-12, Baihui DU–20, Sishencong (M-HN-1), Hegu L.I.-4, Taichong LIV-3 and Diji SP-8. Where there is tremor and rigidity in the upper limbs, add Quchi L.I.-11, Shousanli L.I.-10 and Waiguan SJ–5. Where the spasms affect the lower limbs, Yanglingquan GB-34, Zusanli ST-36 and Sanyinjiao SP-6 should be used. Where there are spasms in other areas (e.g. facial tics) points should be added accordingly. 1.5cun filiform needles should be used at Fengchi GB-20, Fengfu DU-16, Dazhui DU-14, Shenzhu DU-12 and the limb points. Once deqi has been obtained, the needles should be warmed, and retained for 30 minutes. At Sishencong (M-HN-1), the needles are inserted transversely towards Baihui DU-20 for 0.8 cun and then grasped firmly and manipulated with a lifting thrusting method to obtain deqi, then retained for 30 minutes. After needling, cupping is applied to Dazhui DU-14 and areas on the affected limbs where the muscle body is thick, for 10 minutes. Treatment is given twice weekly, for 15 times. The patient may then rest for a week before a second course, or continue directly. Dr. Shi makes the point that Parkinson's is a difficult condition to cure, and a cure is likely to require more than 2 courses; however, the patient may consider reducing medication after the first 2 courses.

JTCM September 2004

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