Acupuncture and Neonatology

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This paper summarises the current state of knowledge on the use of acupuncture in neonates. A systematic literature review revealed one randomised controlled study, one observational study, three case reports, two reviews and one protocol for a Cochrane review. These results show that this topic has not yet been properly scientifically evaluated and published research is very scarce. A need exists for more therapeutic options in neonatology, and acupuncture could potentially be of use as a complementary therapy in this age group. Acupuncture does not currently play a significant role in the healthcare of either children or neonates in the West. Future publication of the results of the proposed Cochrane review may contribute to a better understanding of the subject. The other published papers present some interesting ideas that need further research. We conclude that if acupuncture is to be used in a neonatal population, further evaluation is required.
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Author Michael T. Thiel and Karin Stockert
JCM Issue JCM97-50
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