TCM Management of Psychological Disorders Caused by COVID-19: A Review of 69 Cases

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Anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance are among the most common symptoms during and after COVID-19 infection, and are seen in postCOVID (long COVID) syndrome long after the initial infection has cleared. Meanwhile, many people without COVID infection have experienced psychological disorders due to lockdown and the uncertainties brought about by the pandemic. Acupuncture has been shown to be beneficial in managing conditions of anxiety, depression and insomnia. The authors provided treatment for many cases of anxiety, depression and sleep disturbance throughout the coronavirus pandemic from March 2020. In this article, the authors summarise 69 self-referred cases treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in their clinics. The treatment phase lasted between one month (four treatment sessions) and three months (12 treatment sessions). More than 60 per cent of these patients reported total relief of their symptoms, about 35 per cent experienced a significant reduction of symptoms, and just five per cent did not experience any improvement. This review of cases suggests that psychological disorders associated with COVID-19 can be well controlled and/or relieved by acupuncture, especially those that occur as part of post-COVID syndrome.

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Author Fanyi Meng & Dan Jiang
JCM Issue JCM133
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