Dr. Hu Xi-Shu's Approach in the Treatment of Coughs

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For the last few years I have been engaged in quite extensive research and study in the unique methods and treatment style of Dr. Hu Xi-Shu (1899-1984). Although I have never personally studied with him (I was only eight years old when he died), I have always felt a very deep connection to his approaches. To be a student of the Jing Fang current one must become intimate with the classic writings of Zhang Zhong-Jing ( ), Fang You- Zhi ( ), Xu Ling-Tai ( ), and the modern writings of Hu Xi-Shu ( ), Liu Du-Zhou ( ), Fan Zhong-Lin ( ), and Huang Huang ( ), to name just a few.* There are very many physicians of the past and present who have contributed to this fascinating and clinically relevant specialty; however, these are the physicians that have exerted the greatest influence on my practice.
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