Treating Placenta Previa with Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Placenta Previa is not treatable nor preventable within the paradigm of Allopathic medicine. However, understanding this patho-mechanism through the pattern diagnoses of Chinese medicine offers in-depth comprehension.

This course presents our case study on low-lying placenta and research on Placenta Previa regarding the various presentations, pattern diagnoses, treatment protocols, and patient recommendations, along with the corresponding Western medical background, diagnostic examinations, treatments, expected outcomes, and correlations with Chinese medical diagnoses. Because the United States has a high cesarean rate, we discuss how this pertains to treating Placenta Previa.

We aim to share this information widely with the TCM community, communicating the beneficial effects of TCM application and positive results supporting healthy birth outcomes when treating Placenta Previa.


0 hrs - 15 min

The importance of prenatal education regarding delivery options to promote positive birth outcomes is discussed.

15 min - 30 min

Define & explain different types of placenta previa. This includes complete previa, marginal, low-lying, vasa, and accreta.

30 min - 45 min

This section discusses the many possible causes of placenta previa. Complications of the different types of previa are also talked about.

45 min - 1 hrs

Symptoms of placenta previa are addressed, including no symptoms, and Western Medicine diagnostics are discussed. Western medical treatment options are explained based on the severity of the disease.

1 hrs - 1.25 hrs

Chinese Medicine background and history of placenta previa shared. TCM treatment options, including acupuncture, moxa, cupping, lifestyle choices, and Chinese herbs, are all addresses.

1.25 hrs - 1.5 hrs

Chinese medicine of pathomechanism and pattern diagnosis for placenta previa.

1.5 hrs - 1.75 hrs

Possible prevention of placenta previa, including pregnancy planning for the optimal health of the pregnant mom, is discussed. Eating a healthy diet and taking proper care during fertility and pregnancy are shared.

1.75 hrs - 2 hrs

A placenta previa case study will be shared and thoroughly discussed. The TCM pathomechanisms, patterns, and treatments are all discussed.

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