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What makes a successful acupuncturist? This question came up recently while talking with a friend who runs a big, busy acupuncture clinic. Having seen many practitioners come through his clinic over the last couple of decades, he was musing on the difference between the people who make a success of their practice compared to those that putter along ineffectually ... before finally puttering out and getting another job. The next day I saw a Facebook post in which a practitioner proudly posted a picture of his clinic diary for that day, having just finished off the last of his 60 patients. We have all witnessed versions of the discussion that ensued - 'I do THIS many a day!', 'You do HOW many? [swoon]' - a bit like an acupuncture version of the scene in Jaws where Brody, Quint and Hooper display their battle scars to outdo each other in bravery and toughness.

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Author Daniel Maxwell
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