Success and Failure in the Clinic: Discussion of Formula-Patterns

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In this article Dr. Ouyang Weiquan, a disciple of renowned TCM masters Li Zhenhua and Li Ke and co-chief physician in the dermatology department of the Guangdong Provincial Hospital of TCM, recounts several cases involving the use of formula-patterns from Shang Han Lun (On Cold Damage). These case histories highlight three aspects of clinical practice that can determine failure and success, and demonstrate the importance of fully committing oneself to the path of the physician: firstly, taking care to observe all of the patient’s symptoms to avoid making careless mistakes; secondly, taking into consideration the patient’s changing condition and avoiding habitual prescribing; and thirdly, doing one’s utmost for the patient while at the same time knowing and accepting one’s limits.
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Author Ouyang Weiquan (author) and Henry A. Buchtel (translator)
JCM Issue JCM100-62
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