An Interview with Professor Yuning Wu

Professor Yuning Wu is one of the most eminent fertility specialists and gynaecologists working in China. She has comprehensive knowledge and experience of both Chinese and Western medicine and is chief doctor and
professor of integrated Chinese and Western medicine at the Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In collaboration with Celine Leonard, Esther Denz, Michael Haeberle, Inga Heese, Daniel Maxwell and Peter Deadman, Professor Wu (YW) is in the process of writing a textbook on the treatment of infertility with Chinese
medicine. This interview was conducted by Peter Deadman (PD), Inga Heese (IH) and Esther Denz (ED, one of Dr Wu's principal Western students) in late spring 2012 in Zurich.
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Author Peter Deadman, Inga Heese and Esther Denz
JCM Issue JCM100-21
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