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Yijing, Shamanic Oracle of China

Yijing, Shamanic Oracle of China

For the Chinese, the destiny of each individual and the cosmos have always been inextricably linked, and for two thousand years the Yijing, or the Book of Change, has exercised the best minds in the Orient. Richard Bertschinger, author of The Secret of Everlasting Life (the first translation of The Can Tong Qi), has worked from the classical commentaries to make a fresh and up-to-date translation for the modern world. Marriage, business ventures, journeys, military ventures, disputes, world affairs, personal problems, health or money issues, all are grist for the mill of the Book of Change. Through pondering the lines, studying their poetry, and devoting ourselves to its meaning, the heart of the ancients is clear. We pick up perhaps in a way we never could have conceived of, how to guide and direct our lives.

With an introduction that explains the underlying structure and philosophy of the Book of Change, as well as its history, and a detailed explanation of how to throw the yarrow sticks, or the coins, the novice reader is given everything they need to take their first steps in consulting the ancient oracle, and those already familiar with established translations will find this fresh translation from the original texts clear and illuminating.

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Why a Book of Change? Why another Translation? How to Cast the Oracle. Introduction. First Book. 1. The Creative. 2. The Receptive. 3. The Hesitant. 4. The Innocent. 5. Waiting. 6. The Lawsuit. 7. The Army. 8. Relating. 9. Small Cultivation. 10. Stepping. 11. Flourishing. 12. Decline. 13. Fellowship. 14. Great Possession. 15. Humility. 16. Harmony. 17. Following. 18. Corruption. 19. Approach. 20. The Observing. 21. Biting Through. 22. Adornment. 23. Tearing Apart. 24. The Restored. 25. The Uerring. 26. The Great Cultivation. 27. The Jaws. 28. The Great Excess. 29. The Double Trap. 30. The Adhering. Second Book. 31. Affection. 32. Constancy. 33. Withdrawal. 34. Great Strength. 35. The Advancing. 36. A Darkening Light. 37. The Family. 38. Separation. 39. Obstruction. 40. Release. 41. Decrease. 42. Increase. 43. Breaking Through. 44. Encounter. 45. Gathering. 46. The Ascending. 47. The Stuck. 48. The Well. 49. Reformation. 50. The Cauldron. 51. The Shaking. 52. The Stopping. 53. The Gradual. 54. Marrying Maiden. 55. Abundance. 56. Travelling. 57. The Yielding. 58. The Joyful. 59. Dispersion. 60. Restraint. 61. Inner Faith. 62. A Little Excess. 63. Already Over. 64. Not Yet Over. A Yijing Phrases Glossary. Resources. Bibliography.


AuthorTranslated by Richard Bertschinger
PublisherSinging Dragon
Number Of Pages336
Book FormatHard Back

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