The Treatment Of Disease in TCM Vol. 7: General

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In this volume, the authors discuss the TCM disease causes, mechanisms, pattern discrimination, treatment principles, acupuncture, and Chinese herbal treatment of three dozen or more generalized diseases affecting the whole body. These include such complaints as obesity, emaciation, edema, jaundice, spontaneous perspiration, night sweats, and fatigue. With the publication of this final volume in this series, this set becomes the largest treatment manual of traditional Chinese diseases available in English. It’s a must for every serious clinician.

1 Aversion to Wind & Cold
2 Fear of Cold
3 Aversion to Cold with Shivering
4 Aversion to Cold with Fever
5 Fever Without Cold
6 Tidal Hectic Fever
7 Vexatious Heat in the Five Hearts
8 Alternating Cold & Heat
9 Absence of Sweating
10 Shivering & Sweating
l l Spontaneous Perspiration
12 Night Sweats
13 Hemilateral Sweating
14 Yellow Sweat
15 Incessant Sweating
16 Hemilateral Numbness
17 Hemiplegia
18 Paralysis
19 Twitching Muscles
20 Generalized Pain
21 Heavy Body
22 Generalized Pruritus
23 Generalized Shaking
24 Generalized Jaundice
25 Purple Macules on the Skin
26 Edema
27 Obesity
28 Emaciation
29 Fatigue
30 Clouding Reversal

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Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang
Blue Poppy Press, 2000
288 pages

Author Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Blue Poppy Press
Number of Pages 288
Book Format Softback
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