A Practical Dictionary Of Chinese Medicine (2nd Edition)

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A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine combines the features of a clinical manual with those of a dictionary. It provides a wealth of useful information beyond the definition of terms.

It describes symptoms in detail and explains their clinical significance. It gives acupuncture and medicinal treatments for virtually every disease and pattern. It describes detailed indications for each principle and method of treatment, precise needling instructions, and Western medical equivalents for many diseases and patterns. Thousands of cross-references lead the reader from familiar to less familiar concepts. The names of organs and body parts lead to the diseases and symptoms each is affected by. Hosts of comparisons enable students to discover clinically useful distinctions.

A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine also provides a standard for the use of words that properly links English terminology is to the Chinese. It defines each term clearly and concisely, giving the original Chinese term and its tone-marked Pinyin transcription. It provides synonyms and abbreviations where necessary, and offers etymologies for key terms.

Anyone interested in Chinese medicine will soon discover the vast utility of this dictionary. Clinicians will appreciate the wealth of clinical information. Students will appreciate the diagnostic and therapeutic information that fills gaps in existing textbooks. Translators will appreciate the ability to access all entry terms by Pinyin/Chinese, and the list of key characters and their English equivalents. Anyone who has been confused by variable usage and poor definition will appreciate the clarity that this dictionary achieves.

Extensive, easy to use, academically rigorous, clinically rich, this is a monumental work that no clinician, student, translator or researcher will want to overlook.

Nigel Wiseman was born in England on April 21, 1954. He received a Bachelor's degree in Spanish and German interpreting and translation in 1976 from Herriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He has lived in Taiwan for the last 25 years. He is a proffessor of Chinese and latin at the Chan Gung medical university. For six years previous, hewas a lecturer in Chinese medical English and medical Latin at China Medical College, Taiwan.

He is the author of a number of highly respected Chinese medical works including Fundamentals of Chinese Medicine , Fundamentals of Chinese Acupuncture, and An English-Chinese Chinese-English Dictionary of Chinese Medicine. In 1998 he received his doctorate in Complementary Health and Applied Linguistics at the University of Exeter, England.

Feng Ye was born in Taiwan on November 26, 1967. He graduated from the Chinese Medical School of China Medical College, Taiwan in 1994, and holds R.O.C. licenses in Chinese and Western medicine. He received his Master degree from the Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences in 1997. He works in the Chinese Internal Medicine Department of China Medical College Hospital. His special fields of interest other than general internal medicine include pulse theory, The Shang Han Lun (On Cold Damage), acupuncture, and external injury.

Features of The Dictionary

Nearly 6,000 Chinese medical terms that are commonly used in Chinese-language professional literature
All entries are given in English and Chinese (in modern PRC simplified characters) with tone-marked Pinyin transcriptions
Clear, concise definitions compiled from cited authoritative Chinese sources
A wealth of useful clinical information including diagnostic and therapeutic protocols
Both acupuncture and medicinal treatments are included for most diseases and patterns
Detailed cross-referencing providing maximum access to related concepts
Etymologies provided for over 300 terms
A 200-page index comprising:
Pinyin with Chinese for all entries
All medicinals, formulas, and point names appearing in the text
All Western medical correspondences appearing in the text
Four useful appendices: Weights and Measures, Classified List of Medicinals, Classified List of Formulas, Classified List of Acupuncture Points Compiled from over one hundred primary sources

“A Practical Dictionary of Chinese Medicine is essential for anyone interested in knowing the current clinical use of virtually any Chinese medical term. It takes the field beyond the informal assumptions and vague approximations that have characterized the use of terminology during the past two decades by introducing a precision in our understanding that is unprecedented in the English literature. The information contained in this encyclopedic dictionary brings a new level of clarity to the practice of Chinese medicine.”
—Charles Chace

“Wiseman and Feng's English dictionary represents a new milestone in the development of Chinese medicine.”
—Hen-Hong Chang

More Information

Nigel Wiseman & Feng Ye

Paradigm, 1998

945 pages


Author Nigel Wiseman & Feng Ye
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Paradigm Press
Number of Pages 945
Book Format Hardback
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