The Treatment Of Disease In TCM Vol. 1: : Diseases of the Head & Face Including Mental Emotional Disorder

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This book is the first volume of a seven-volume series titled The Treatmnet of Disease in TCM, authored by Philippe Sionneay and Lu Gang. In this volume, the authors discuss the TCM disease causes and mechanisms, pattern discrimination, treatment principles, formulas and their modifications, and acupuncture and moxibustion for a wide variety of diseases of the head and face includind mental-emotional disorders. Not only are many of the diseases listed in this volume not discussed anywhere else in the English language TCM literature, but under each disease category, the authors give the most complete pattern discrimination available in English. This series of books is a rich mine of clnical information and effective treatments for a wide variety of diseases and their patterns.

Philippe Sionneau's intention in this series of books is to offer a comprehensive guide to the differentiation and treatment by acupuncture and moxibustion, not only of those diseases more commonly discussed in textbooks, but also of unusual symptoms that may be encountered in clinical practice. Furthermore, he seeks to remedy the tendency to offer only the barest of differentiations of certain symptoms. For example night-sweating, which is usually simply explained as due to yin deficiency, may be present in a number of patterns including Heart blood deficiency, Spleen deficiency accompanied by dampness, shaoyang disorder, damp-heat etc.

This volume therefore includes the differentiation and treatment of standard diseases such as headache and dizziness, as well as more unusual symptoms such as head distention, bowed head, chilly head, head sweating, numbness of the scalp, numbness of the face, frequent joy, susceptibility to fear and susceptibility to fright. To accompany the herbal prescriptions, Sionneau's colleague Lu Gang has added acupuncture prescriptions. Like many Chinese medicine texts this one errs on the side of brevity and perhaps lacks some of the clinical information that helps a practitioner apply bald differentiation in clinical practice, nevertheless due to the range of disorders included, this is an invaluable book for any practitioner.


1 Head Distention
2 Shaking
3 Bowed Head
4 Headache
5 Chilly Head
6 Ringing in the Brain
7 Hemilateral Headache
8 Dizziness
9 Heavy headedness
10 Head Sweating
11 Head Heat
12 Numbness of the Scalp
13 Hair Loss
14 Premature Greying of the Hair
15 Yellowing of the Hair
16 Hot Flashes in the Head & Face
17 Red Facial Complexion
18 Redness Above the Cheekbones
19 A Sallow Facial Complexion
20 A White Facial Complexion
21 A Sootblack Facial Complexion
22 Swelling of the Face
23 Deviated Mouth & Eyes
24 Facial Tic
25 Numbness of the Face
26 Facial Pain
27 Supraorbital Bone Pain
28 Profuse Dreaming
29 Impaired Memory ....
30 Easily Being Awakened
31 Insomnia
32 Somnolence
33 Vexation & Agitation
34 Feeblemindedness
35 Irascibility
36 Frequent Joy
37 Anxiety & Preoccupation
38 Frequent Sorrow
39 Susceptibility to Fear
40 Susceptibility to Fright

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Philippe Sionneau & Li Gang
Blue Poppy Press, 1996
268 pages

Author Philippe Sionneau & Li Gang
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Blue Poppy Press
Number of Pages 260
Book Format Softback
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