The Treatment Of Disease In TCM Vol. 2: Diseases of the Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat

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This is the second in a seven-volume series titled The Treatment of Disease in TCM by Philippe Sionneau and Lu Gang. In this volume, the authors discuss the disease causes and mechanisms, pattern discrimination, treatment principles, formulas and their modifications, and acupuncture and moxibustion for a wide variety of diseases of the eyes, ears, nose, and throat. Not only are many of these problems (such as itchy eyes, chalazion, otophyorrhea, and bleeding from the ears) not discussed in the current English language literature on TCM, but under each disease category, the authors give the most complete pattern discrimination available in English. Thus, this series of books is a rich mine of clinical information and effective treatments for a wide variety of diseases and their patterns.


Distention in the Eyes
Itchy Eyes
Clouded Vision
Rough Eyes
Swollen Eyelids
Drooping Upper Eyelid
Phlegm Pit in the Eyelid
Orbital Pain
Tearing in the Wind
Photophobia & Pyretophobia of the Eyes
Reddening of the Eyes
Ciliary Hyperemia
Decreased Visual Acuity
Night Blindness
Sudden Blindness
Tinnitus & Deafness
Itchy Ears
Ear Pain
Bleeding from the Ear
Dry Nose
Nasal Itching
Nose Pain
Runny Nose
Nasal Congestion
Loss of Smell
Foulsmelling Nose
Nasal Swelling
Sour Nose
Cold Nose
Sore, Swollen Throat
Baby Moth Swollen Tonsil
Itchy Throat
Dry Throat
Blockage & Obstruction in the Throat

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Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang
Blue Poppy Press, 1996
268 pages

Author Philippe Sionneau & Lu Gang
Publication Date 1 Jan 1970
Publisher Blue Poppy Press
Number of Pages 290
Book Format Softback
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